Tips to Sell a Motorcycle

When the time comes to sell your motorcycle you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. As a seller you want to get the most for your bike, but potential buyers also are looking for deals and don’t want to get ripped off. We’ve prepared a few tips to make sure the deal goes smoothly and you get a fair price for your motorcycle.

1. Set a Reasonable Price

Make sure you start with a fair price. Many sellers thing they should start high, and hope they find the perfect buyer wanting to pay a premium. The reality is that it is very unlikely you’re going to get more than the fair market value. Unless you have an antique or rare motorcycle, stick to a price that makes sense. Your motorcycle will sell a lot faster.

Start with reputable pricing resources like Kelly Blue Book (KBB) and NADA Guides. Then take into account the condition, mileage, customizations, and anything else that sets your bike apart. Unfortunately, the harsh reality when it comes to add-ons, upgrades, and modifications is that they just do not hold their value at all. It’s unlikely the buyer will want the exact same set of changes, so expect to lose most of the value you spent modifying your bike.

Finally don’t use adjectives like “firm” when displaying your price. Everyone wants to think they got a deal, and these words just alienate buyers. Even if you won’t go any lower on your price, wait until the buyer offers a lower price to let them know you can’t go any lower. Also, have a reason why you can’t go lower on your price, because people are more likely to go along with statements that have an explanation. One excellent methods is to mention that you’ve done your research in KBB or NADA, and your price is inline with their recommendation, and you think the price is already fair. Another good reason, if the price is fair, is to mention that still owe the asking amount on the motorcycle loan, so you can’t go any lower.

2. Take Good Photos

Taking quality high-resolution photos is the second most important factor when selling a motorcycle online. This is potential buyers first impression of your motorcycle, and as the sayings go, first impressions are very important. If your bike doesn’t stand out, the buyer will scroll or click to the next motorcycle.

Use a high-quality digital camera or cell phone, and take at least ten pictures from all different angles of the motorcycle. Make sure each photo is in focus and that their are no distracting items in the background. It’s best if the motorcycle is in an empty driveway or street, so nothing is distracting from the motorcycle. No one wants to see other motorcycles or a garage full of power tools in the background.

3. Write a Complete Description

Photos catch the buyers attention, but a complete and meaningful description can close the deal. Include anything you can’t tell from the pictures and would want to know if you were looking for a new motorcycle. You should mention if there is any damage to the motorcycle, even if it’s visible in the pictures. A quick way to sour a deal is having the buyer notice minor damage when picking up the bike. They have been willing to overlook the damage if they knew ahead of time, but they may now worry they are being taken advantage of or there are other hidden problems. Also include any modifications that were made and if any original parts that were replaced are also included.

Here are six other key things you should always include, if they apply:

  • Clean title
  • Never dropped
  • Runs well
  • No cosmetic damage
  • First owner
  • Garage kept

4. Prepare Your Bike

No one wants to buy a dirty motorcycle. Fix any minor dings or scratches if possible. Then wash your motorcycle, and be sure to give it the best cleaning you possibly can so it looks brand new. It’s best to do this before the photos, so your bike looks like new to potential buyers online. You also want it to look just as good in person, because the buyer can always back-out at the last moment. Having the bike in pristine condition makes the buyer think you were a great owner, and will keep their mind at ease as the deal is finalized.

5. Know Where to Sell

You have many options on where to sell your motorcycle, so make sure to way the pros and cons of each option. There are plenty of places to sell your motorcycle for free. For example, you can list your motorcycle on Craiglist for free. There are also a number of paid options, like listing your motorcycle on eBay.

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