The Ducati Motorcycle Brand

Popular for its abundant racing history and dominance in the World Superbike competitions, Ducati’s line of motorcycles are composed of sporty and lightweight bikes manufactured by a motorcycle company based in Bologna, Italy. Exactly what makes Ducati one of the best motorcycles to hit the tracks?

Ducati’s success resulted from their huge capacity 4-stroke 90 degrees twin cylinder that mainly features its desmodromic valve design. This said desmodromic valve design has long been the trademark of Ducati for over 50 years now. These valves are close in separate, dedicated cam lobe that makes the cams to open and close more instantaneously when compared to conventional valves. Additionally, this lessens the loss of power.

Another reason for its success is Ducati’s use of dry clutches. While other manufacturers of motorcycles use of wet clutches or spinning parts soaked in oil, Ducati motorcycles utilizes a dry variant. With the application of dry clutches, it eliminates the power loss from oil viscosity. However, the drawback is that it rapidly wears out the clutch plates and can deliver an less smooth engagement. Nevertheless, the manufacturers and most definitely the winning record attest that it is still worth it.

Behind Ducati’s successes are the people who made it to the top of the tracks. World Superbike Champions includes Casey Stoner, who won the Grand Prix in 2007 with his V-Four Ducati; Neil Hodgeson; James Toseland; and last but not the least, the legendary Troy Bayliss. Off the track, Ducati motorcycles sales reach higher heights. The family of Ducati motorcycles continues to be best sellers with their current generation of air-cooled naked 696 and 1100.

The Ducati Desmosedici RR is perhaps the most powerful motorcycle engine in the market today. This loud and powerful machine meets emission standards with a version meant for the road as well. In the coming years more and more Ducati motorcycles with more excellent features will likely to come from manufacturers who define the track and the road when it comes to these rollers.

If you have a Ducati, then you have several upgrade options to choose from when shopping for Ducati motorcycle parts. Your first choice is to upgrade your exhaust pipes. One exhaust upgrade that you can buy is the Carbon Homologated Silencer Kit. This is a 2 in 2 carbon silencer that has been designed with titanium sleeves. This exhaust kit will not only help you to reduce the noise level of your Hypermotard, but it will also contribute to control its emissions. Your second option for upgrading your Hypermotard exhaust system is to buy the Complete Racing Exhaust Assembly Kit. This kit is a racing 2 in 1 exhaust assembly. It offers a stainless steel manifold, carbon silencer and titanium sleeves. There are two advantages of this exhaust upgrade. First of all, it reduces the weight of your bike by 7 kilograms, and secondly, it improves your bike’s performance.

The next Ducati motorcycle parts that you can buy for your Hypermotard are racing camshafts. These parts are designed to improve the engine’s performance. To make sure that these parts create the most benefits for your bike you will want to install the Complete Racing Exhaust System on your bike in conjunction with the racing camshafts.

Now that you know what Ducati Motorcycle parts will make your bike go faster, you next need to know what parts will help you to slow down. The Racing Brake Caliper Kit is a part that your bike needs if you plan on racing. This product is made from a one piece aluminium casting, and it includes a dedicated front brake line.

To get your Ducati pointed in the right direction you may also want to shop for Ducati motorcycle parts that will improve your bike’s steering and control. One part that you may be interested in is the Cross-Mounted Aluminum Steering Damper. This part is designed to improve your bike’s front end stability, which will help you to remain in control of your bike no matter what riding style you have.If you are interested in finding used Ducati motorcycle parts, then you will need to do a little digging. You can search classified ads listed in your local newspaper, or you can search the classified ads posted in sporting and motorcycle publications. You can also search websites that offer used products like eBay. Motorcycle service shops are another great source for finding used and remanufactured parts for your Ducati motorcycle.

Like what you’ve read? Learn more about buying a Ducati motorcycle. Or do you have one to sell? Get more information on how to sell a Ducati motorcycle. Please share any questions or experiences you have with Ducati in the comments below.

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