The Yamaha Motorcycle Brand

Yamaha is synonymous to many with excellence, speed, quality, reliability, durability and performance. As the second largest motorcycle company in the world, Yamaha has risen above the rest of many of its competitors and earned its title as a force to reckoned with in the motorcycle industry.

Wilhelm Maybach and his partner Gottlieb Daimler may have created the very first motorcycle in the 1885, but it is Yamaha that built on that and brought to life this very powerful mode of transport and career-defining machines in racing circuits. It all started way back in 1887 with the founding father, Torakusa Yamaha, by accident actually. They made everything else ranging from sewing machines to vehicles. He and his company did not produce their first motorcycle until 1955, when they tested the waters of this very competitive market with their very first model, the YA-1 single cylinder. It was a 2-stroke street bike with a 125cc engine that was intended to rival the German DKW RT125 which had proved a huge success.

Encouraged and fueled by the demand for their product, Yamaha produced their first original design, the double-cylinder YD in 1957. With the release of this model, they gained a reputation for building strong and reliable motorcycles. They gained quite a following, but their low sales of under 16,000 units, which was lower than their rivals, pushed them to produce the very first sports motorcycle in 1957. This was the YDS1, which was a customizable sports bike with an impressive five-speed gearbox.

What followed that was 10 years of milestones for Yamaha that began in 1960. That very year they recorded a sharp increase in output by an incredible 600%. They sold 12,000 units to the United States in the wake of its rising economy. They continued to experience exponential growth in the successive years, and they therefore went ahead to open up factories in Thailand, outside of the parent factory in Japan, to cater for the growing demand in Asia.

Their successful streak continued into the 70s. Multiple sales surpassed a million, especially to its markets abroad, fueled further by the introduction of a brand new model under their belt into the market: the XS-1 with a 650cc engine. The Yamaha double cylinder RD sports motorcycle took the market by storm. Then came the quad cylinder XJ with powerful displacements ranging between 550cc and 1100cc in the 1980s. Yamaha continued to produce cutting-edge pieces of machinery well into the nineties and aughts, but one particular project was the majestic Virago, Japan’s very first cruiser, stands out above the rest. It was born as a 750cc, but then soon replicated into 500cc and 920cc variants.

It is clear to see why the indomitable Yamaha continues to reign supreme almost a century after it came to be. Its long history has been marked by building the best and learning from their mistakes. Its trail-blazing motorcycles continue to set the pace, churning out winners and building strong careers on the race track. Yamaha motorcycles offer an unforgettable experience. They are stylish, elegant, smooth and fun to ride. They guarantee your safety and their reliability on the road, regardless of terrain and weather. They are durable, and even when something unfortunate happens to your bike, ready replacements and spares are easily acquired the world over and are not as rare as the next brand of bikes. These quality motorcycles are easy to maintain and handle and are indisputably every bit of value for your hard-earned money. Every care and consideration has been made to ensure that every customer takes pride in owning their Yamaha motorcycle.

Cutting edge technology married quality workmanship and reliability and gave rise to the excellence that is Yamaha motorcycles, instantly earning their worldwide fame. Years upon years of perfection have earned this distinguished company the trust of its customers. They are timeless, classic, and continue to get better with time. Yamaha’s vision of overachieving beyond the customer’s expectation for his satisfaction have time and time again been effective. Every model has a different kind of customer in mind, thereby accommodating every customer regardless of age, use, preference or choice of terrain. Clearly, the founding father had a vision which he very carefully brought to reality, and continues to live on decades after him.

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